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Pinotxet videoclip de «Sick»

Pinotxet (Urnieta, Metal/Hardcore) han publicado un videoclip del tema «Sick», perteneciente a su inminente E.P. «Fables».

Pinotxet videoclip de Sick
A continuación podéis ver el vídeo:

Aquí las letras:

«In the shizophrenic street
Which smells like narcotics
And forgotten corpses
We made a deal.

Now I claim my part.
Think before act.

Another day another naive mind to add to the collection.
Put a good face and a believable smile.
A couple of magical tricks
And the job is done

Benefit for those who want to change a life without dignity
In exchange for a moment of happiness

Inmoral feelings in this place that’s like a liars decline
Wasting away half of my life to satisfy his inside ego

I tried my best and tend to escape
I tried to get out of this way
I tried my best and tend to escape
But this mask doesn’t fit me well

And now I claim my part
Think before you act!

My words create hope
Hoping to go out to turn the matter.
By the way, I am the life.

The death is my partner

Do you forget our contract?
Your soul is mine
Do you forget our contract?
You must pay the price

You must pay the price.»

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