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Donostia,Viking Metal (Activa) 


The band was formed in 2010, when some friends who played in another bands decided to make something strong and powerful: songs about warriors, beer and tits, so the best way was Battle Metal.

With a lot of beers, they recorded the first album: Shout for War. This was recorded at Gargoil Tavern Studios and mixed and mastered by Changi. The band made a Tour around the Basque Country.

In 2014 they stopped in order to make some new songs and prepare the new shows.

In 2015 they come back to the Gargoil Tavern Studios to record their new work: an EP with three new songs.

The horde is coming...

Formación Actual

Mikka: Voz
Unai: Bajo
Viky: Guitarra & Instrumentos Folk
Gonzalo: Guitarra
Iosu: Batería

Anteriores Componentes

Xabi: Guitarra
Joss: Batería
Kirnaan: Voz


Shout For War Album 2012


1. The Horde Is Coming
2. Sin Esperanza
3. Anvil Of Fate
4. Undead Warrior
5. Mirror Of Death
6. The Sons Of Beer
7. Crossing The Abyss
8. Damned Drakkar
9. Shout For War
10. Biersbreaker

Drunken Bards E.P. 2016


1. Beer Sacrifice
2. The Souls Of The Fallen
3. Drunken Bards




Bandcamp - https://biersbreaker.bandcamp.com/
Facebook 1 - https://www.facebook.com/Biersbreaker/
Facebook 2 - https://www.facebook.com/biersbreaker.ragnarok
Web - https://biersbreaker.wixsite.com/biersbreaker
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi29F-GwMfIyyEbXU7cpcYA

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