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The Broken Horizon

Iruña,Metalcore (Activa) 


Metalcore/Deathcore Band from Navarra (Spain)
The Broken Horizon was born at the end of 2015 under a different formation than the current one, in which Odei Ochoa, Raul Teiga and Iñigo “Pupilas” prevail. The band tries it as quartet with the incorporation of “Jun” in December 2015 to the command of the bass, although the search for a more forceful sound ends with the entry of Alex to the seven strings, thus closing the formation.
The genre of this quintet is directed towards metalcore, hardcore and deathcore, with influences from bands such as Suicide Silence, Asking Alexandria, Whitechapel and August burns red, among many others.
In February 2015 the first EP, Prologue, comes to light. This project, recorded at Akira Studios, consists of 6 songs. Afterwards, the video clips “Shut the fuck up” and “Blind” were recorded by Alex Unai Arrieta.
With this album the first direct ones are given crossing the autonomous community and in a pair of occasions, by Cantabria and Álava.
At the end of 2017, with the band settled, it is decided to give a new approach and bet on the new project Desolation that comes to light in June 2018. This new album is recorded at The Metal Factory Studios, under the tutelage of Alex Cappa and Pablo Rousselon, with the help of Miguel García from Down of the Maya.
The recording of the album counts on great collaborations between which is Iñi from CHILDRAIN, Noa from XNIGHT, Fernando (The core inside and member of HXC), and members of other bands.
With the release of this album, the quintet leads to signing for Dermai management & Booking and later, under the Art Gates label.
In August of 2018 Iñigo decides to leave the band and instead, Victor joins as a new vocalist.

Formación Actual

Victor Parra: Voz
Odei Ochoa: Guitarra
Jun Núñez: Bajo
Alex Núñez: Guitarra
Raul Teiga: Batería

Anteriores Componentes

Iñigo Asiain: Voz
Oscar Blanco: Guitarra


Prologue Demo 2015


1. Prologue
2. My Last Breath
3. Lost
4. Blind
5. Shut The Fuck Up
6. Fighter

Desolation Album 2018


1. Desolation
2. Oui
3. Rotten Blood
4. Romantic Song
5. Miss Ladark
6. Farewell
7. Nothing Gleaming Ft Iñi From Childrain
8. Nola Gertatu Da
9. Haunting Me
10. Deep Pression
11. Lying Truths Ft Noa From Xnight

Necromance Digital Magazine Recopilatorio - Volumen 28 Split 2018


1. Consecration (Gbr) - Inviting The Impure
2. Deaf Whale (Esp) - Keep The Cellar Sealed
3. Defiant (Hrv) - A Hymn To Uncreation
4. Consecration (Gbr) - Thy Requiem Lament
5. The Broken Horizon (Esp) - Oui
6. Injector (Esp) - Stone Prevails

Tan Real Como El Puto Infierno Vol.21 Split 2019


1. Blood Brothers - No Te Rindas
2. Bullets Of Misery - Begibakar
3. Cabodano - Carniceiros
4. Corporate Death Machine - Ganster
5. Cult Of Self Destruction - Moon On Saturn
6. Hwaeder - Tardor Eterna
7. Ikuori - Mi Ascensión
8. Keziah - Begotten
9. Lampr3a - Abulia
10. Matanza - Días De Matanza
11. Memo - Actitud Punk
12. Ruthless - In The Purple
13. Sas Eyes - RIgescVnt
14. Siroll - Tal Día
15. Sordida Nox - Ferida
16. Spirikom - Hellter Skelter
17. Sudestada - Barlovento
18. Tempestat - Exhaurit
19. The Broken Horizon - Nola Gertatu Da
20. The Conspiracy - Incendiary
21. The Thousand Faces - White Ink
22. Torheit - Crystal
23. Torso - La Ley Del Monte
24. VRK - Orko Anarkia
25. Xerion - Licom De Tebras



Lyric Videos


Bandcamp - https://thebrokenhorizon.bandcamp.com/releases
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thebrokenhorizon
Twitter - https://twitter.com/TBHorizon_band
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWPzySc_eaDPNKzvrHdB0jg

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