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Cerebral Effusion

Ermua,Brutal Death Metal (En Parón) 

Formación Actual
Cosme: Bajo & Voz
Pe: Guitarra
Jabo: Guitarra
Eihar: Batería
Componentes Anteriores
Abur: Batería
Jagoba: Guitarra
Oscar: Guitarra
Alain: Guitarra


CEREBRAL EFFUSION is one of the pioneering brutal death bands coming from the Basque Country. The band took form at summer from 97 when four guys gathered and start proposing their sick and brutal work. They quickly started composing and working on the debut of this novel band on the underground scene. One year later, in October 98, Cerebral Effusion produced and self edited the MCD "Immortal Cemetery", 1000 copies were printed. Immortal Cemetery contained five brutal death tracks that had a great response on the scene, selling practically all the printed copies.

This work didn't go unnoticed and the band started playing shows intensively, making themselves known in the most extreme outlook inside national and international brutal death. In 2000, when all looked to go well, the band had some serious line up problems. For a long time the band worked as a three piece, without any of the original guitar players, but Cerebral Effusion kept on with it's proposal and live shows didn't stop. In June of 2001 a new guitar player joined the band, getting more live consistency. With the band again as a four piece, Cerebral Effusion worked until 2002 to record their first full length. Once the recording was finished the band made a deal with the US label UNMATCHED BRUTALITY, releasing in May 2003 the album entitled "Violence in Motion".

"Violence in Motion" contained nine tracks of violent brutal death, including "Human Butchery" from their previous release. With this sick album, the band consolidated itself into the international brutal death scene. 2003 was a really good year for the band, first 1000 copies were sold out and the label printed another 1000 copies in 2004. Meanwhile, the band kept on playing live and composing new material, more intense and compact than ever. In July 2004 Cerebral Effusion entered the studio again to record "Smashed and Splattered Organs", their most brutal album 'till date. After analyzing some offers the band signed with the US label GOREGIASTIC RECORDS to release in 2005 this new release.

During the following years Cerebral Effusion continued spreading it's personal dose of visceral violence along different countries like Spain, Germany, Russia, Portugal, England, Italy... working hard against line up changes, getting more brutal and consolidating themselves as one of the most veteran bands in the international scene. Some years later, and with the line up more solid than ever, the band released a new work entitled "Impulsive Psychopathic Acts" in April 2010 under the label COMATOSE MUSIC.

After touring the USA, the band started working hard on new songs for a next release. In a couple of years Cerebral Effusion entered the studio for the fifth time to record "Idolatry of the Unethical", released on May 2014 under NEW STANDARD ELITE. The album is a big step forward for the band. Increasing the self-demand and dedication one more time, it represents the genuine and relentless identity of the band more than ever, despite the passage of time and adversities.


Immortal CemeteryE.P.1998


1. Immortal Cemetery
2. Human Butchery
3. False Prophet
4. Mortal Dreams
5. Euthanasia

Violence In MotionAlbum2003


1. Bloody Esctasy
2. Dismenbered
3. Forthcoming Cannibalism
4. The Inescapable Bond Of The Necromancer
5. Unnatural Disturbed Flesh
6. Homicide And Justified Medicine
7. Violence In Motion
8. Human Butchery
9. Sodomized By Dady

Smashed And Splattered OrgansAlbum2005


1. Horror And Torture Beyond The Agony
2. The New Gynaecologycal Method
3. The Pleasure Of The Absolute Domain
4. Hidden Insanity
5. Addiction
6. Smashed And Splattered Organs
7. Hatred
8. Nymphomaniac Collector
9. Flesh Art

Immortal Cemetery / Disemboweling Of IntestinesSplit2006


1. Cerebral Effusion - Immortal Cemetery
2. Cerebral Effusion - Human Butchery
3. Cerebral Effusion - False Prophet
4. Cerebral Effusion - Mortal Dreams
5. Cerebral Effusion - Euthanasia
6. Offalmincer - Intro / Night Of The Living Dead
7. Offalmincer - Disentomb
8. Offalmincer - Butcher's Path
9. Offalmincer - Beauty To Rot
10. Offalmincer - Paranoid Visions
11. Offalmincer - Necrocannibal Ritual / Outro

Impulsive Psychopathic ActsAlbum2010


1. Humiliation Through Methodical Submission
2. Homophobic Indiscriminate Violation
3. Into Morbid Obesity
4. Epidemic Of The Era
5. Psychotic Compositor
6. Last Torture Preferment
7. Absolute Excrement

Idolatry Of The UnethicalAlbum2014


1. Exposed To Abjection
2. Narcissistic Taphonomy
3. Unscrupulous Inebriated Emaciation
4. Consummation
5. Lingering Pulse Of Laceration
6. Terminally Decimating Neurogenesis
7. Defamatory Fetish

Ominous Flesh DisciplineAlbum2021


1. Interbreeding Animosity
2. Maniacal Disturbance
3. Compelling The Epidemic
4. Descending Into Psychodrome
5. Unstained Exploitation
6. Delirious Urges
7. Formless Transmigration

Resto Discografía

Grindethic Records Damn & Blast Vol. 5Split2011


1. Indecent Excision - Torment Through Abnegation Of Euthanasia
2. Kataplexy - Intermission Zamboni Disfigurement
3. Severed Crotch - Breeding Failure
4. Cerebral Effusion - Into Morbid Obesity
5. Unfathomable Ruination - Echoes Of Universal Futility
6. Terrordrome - Alas, In The Wound...
7. Extinctionist - Vortex Of Worms
8. Medecophobic - In Chains Within
9. Hate Division - The Great Recession
10. Malignus - And Thus Summoned; He Did Consume The Red Mist
11. Intestinal Alien Reflux - Plague On Existence
12. Uncleansed - The Summoning
13. Zombified - Morgue Angel
14. Splattered Entrails - Humans: Deprogrammed
15. Foul Body Autopsy - The Beholder
16. Horde Casket - Cerebral Dissection
17. The Obscene - The Final Silence
18. Gone Postal - Morbid Days Of Contempt
19. Asilent - Feast For The Beast
20. Pain Penitentiary - Suffer The Torture
21. Kuntpuncher - The Spastic Whisperer
22. Oblivionized - Abhorrent Evolution
23. Big Toe - Rise Of The Terror Sexer





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