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Mendavia,Thrash Metal/Hardcore (Activa) 

Formación Actual
David Viedma (Koper): Voz
Adrian Viedma: Guitarra
Unai Abajo: Bajo
Jonatan Zamora: Batería
Xabier Quijera (Quijerator) - Guitarra


Music band from Navarre influenced by hardcore and metalcore music. Our first work,"World Of Lies", was released in 2014 and recorded at "Denébola Records" with Piña. With this record we have given more than 15 shows all over north and east of the country, playing in cities such as Bilbao, Vitoria-Gazteiz, Santander, Valencia... and taking part in many different festivals.

In 2016 we released our second record, "Resilience", recorded at "Estudios K" by Alberto Porres, and with this album we had the chance to play with Dawn Of The Maya at the "Apocalypse Fest". This work has also taken us to Madrid and the semifinals of "Bilborock" contest.

In july 2017 we have recorded two songs at"The Metal Factory Studios" with Alex Cappa. Both songs will be released soon


World Of LiesDemo2014


1. World Of Lies (Intro) (Instrumental)
2. Without Mercy
3. Broken Souls
4. You Decide
5. Revenge
6. The End



1. Y.C.F.M.D.
2. Renaissence
3. Lost Dreams
4. My Scars
5. Our World, Our Bond
6. Alone
7. Hope
8. Last breath (Ft. Julen Sarasua Meltdown)

The Place Where I BelongSingle2017


1. The Place Where I Belong

Hardcore Hits Cancer Vol. IIISplit2017


1. Eric Fuentes - Lejos (Accidente)
2. Intro Ignatius
3. Crim - Watch Your Back (Cock Sparrer)
4. Broken Lingerie - Fast And Frightening (L7)
5. G.A.S. Drummers - We're Back We're Pissed (RKL)
6. Los Tiki Phantoms - Holidays In Cambodia (Dead Kennedys)
7. Afraid To Speak In Public - Gracias A La Vida (Violeta Parra)
8. Agoraphobia - Isla De Encanta (The Pixies)
9. The Blackjaw - Hurt (Johnny Cash)
10. Violets - Going To Pasalacqua (Green Day)
11. Bisonte1312 - Some Things Never Fall (The Black Halos)
12. Hyde Abbey - The Boy Who Destroyed The World (AFI)
13. Stained Blood - Skulls (Misfists)
14. Blood Brothers - Tus Propios Demonios (Proudz)
15. Marabunta - Los 7 Enanitos / Txus (La Polla Records)
16. Animal Project - Distancia (Habeas Corpus)
17. The Roots Of Tanuki - Get Up, Stand Up (Bob Marley)
18. Fancy Candy Girls - Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)
19. TMF Sessions #1 - Ten Ton Hammer (Extended) (Machine Head)
20. TMF Sessions #2 - Habitación 106 (Hamlet)
21. TMF Sessions #3 - Antivist (Bring Me The Horizon)
22. TMF Sessions #4 - Vice Grip (Parkway Drive)
23. TMF Sessions #5 - The Box (Last Ten Seconds Of Life)
24. Knibal - Roots (Sepultura)
25. Violent Eve - Lizard Skin (Gojira)
26. The Great Southern - Slaughtered (Pantera)
27. Bloodhunter - Bury Me An Angel (Arch Enemy)
28. Corrosive - Pain (Lionheart)
29. Fears Away - Amber (Stick To Your Guns)
30. Diego Teksuo & Igor DOTM - Reiventing Your Exit (Underoath)
31. Blaze Out - Hurricane (While She Sleeps)
32. Goddamn - Bulls On Parade (Rage Against The Machine)
33. Cer0 - Slave New World (Sepultura)
34. Aerial Blacked - You Could Be Mine (Guns And Roses)
35. Udol - Forever My Queen (Pentagram)
36. Dreaming For A Day Feat Hans - Drown (Bring Me The Horizon)

Ashes To Ashes. Dust To DustAlbum2019


1. Talion
2. Hounds Of War
3. Homine Et Daemonioum
4. Enemy
5. Sick Of Me
6. This Is For You
7. Then, Now… Forever

Resto Discografía

North Hardcore Compilation Vol. 1Split2016


1. Fourscore - Fiel A Mis Principios
2. Tiempos De Ira - Guerra Y Capucha
3. Blood Brothers - Hard Spirit
4. Kids Of Rage - Lone In Crowd
5. Bellako - Obsesión/Posesión
6. Meltdown - Oh Pharaoh
7. Chotakabra - Orgullo Lumpen
8. Protervia - Políticos
9. Corrosive - Renaissance
10. Drop! - Sick
11. Night Shot - Vicio Y Olvido





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