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Fears Away

Gasteiz,Hardcore/Metalcore (Activa) 


FEARS AWAY is a Hardcore/Metal band formed in early 2016 in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country). It’s a proyect based in members of other bands of the Basque Hardcore Scene: Ion (FOURSCORE), Mangui (FOURSCORE), Javi (FOURSCORE/PSIKOTROPIC) and Iñaki (PSIKOTROPIK/AZKEN AUKERA).

The main influences of the band are between the Old School Hardcore and Metalcore. Their sound is pretty closed to bands like OBEY THE BRAVE, THE GHOST INSIDE, TERROR, MADBALL, CRYSTAL LAKE, STICK TO YOUR GUNS, COMEBACK KID, PARKWAY DRIVE, etc.


Ion: Voz
Javi: Guitarra
Ander: Guitarra
Iñaki: Bajo
Mangui: Batería

Miembros Antiguos


The Bravest The Strongest E.P. 2017


1. On The Frontline
2. The Bravest The Strongest
3. Born To Be Buried
4. My Enemies My Satisfaction
5. The Most Known Ignorance
6. Never Surrender

Tan Real Como El Puto Infierno Vol.18 Split 2017


1. Amenaza De Muerte - False Prophets
2. Atila Txiguagua Beldurgarria - Urrun Zaude
3. Blood Brothers - Blood Brothers
4. Bloody Brotherhood - Massacre
5. Elbereth - Doinu Ilunak
6. Fears Away - The Bravest The Strongest
7. Guilles - Dehumanized
8. Human Ashtray - Seeking The Strenght
9. In Thousand Lakes - I Rise
10. Jhëit - Nihil Omnia Et Singular Regit
11. Karonte - El Ocaso
12. Keziah - Sleep
13. Kodo - Comealmas
14. Lethargic - The Flesh And The Fiends
15. Opposer - Osiris Land
16. Orphans Of Piety - Path Of The Victors
17. Second Silence - Fuerza Y Honor
18. Sound Of Silence - Felices Bajo Tierra
19. Tromort - Camino De La Sangre





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