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Legen Beltza

Azpeitia,Thrash Metal (Activa) 

Formación Actual
Joseba Azkue: Guitarra
Iban Hernandez: Batería
Ekaitz Garmendia: Guitarra
Xanti Rodriguez: Bajo & Voz
Componentes Anteriores
Antonio: Batería
Edorta: Batería


Legen Beltza was born in 1998, inmediately they released Ziztu bizian, their very first demo. After a year playing shows around the basque country they recorded a new demo, leading to a deal with the basque label “IZ Rock” for their debut album Istorio Triste bat (2001-IZ Rock). In the promotion tour of this album they began growing step by step in the basque metal scene. They also got very good reviews from the nationally known metal magazines.

Sharing stage with some famous local bands opened their eyes and they decided to change the language to english, expanding horizons to the world. After recoding some demos in English and sending them to worldwide labels, Jeff Waters was interested on working with Legen Beltza, and at the same time they closed a good deal with Arizona based Crash Music Inc.(USA), releasing their debut album in English Insanity (2003-Crash Music). With this new album, they had the chance to open for bands like Napalm Death or Exodus, establishing their thrasher status in Spain and catching the eye of the international media.

A really poor distribution in Spain of Insanity lead to re-edit it in Spain with a bonus live DVD called Total Insanity (2005-El Diablo). With this release they reached whole Spain, and in the promotional tour they played some festivals with bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer, Dream Theater, etc.

With the experience obtained with this tour and due to the poor relationship with Crash Music, they decided to change of label once more, this time signing a two album deal with the legendary Belgium based Mausoleum Records, releasing their third work Dimension Of Pain (2006 – Mausoleum Records). DOP has been distributed in Europe, USA and Canada, and has received really good reviews, especially in Germany, Netherlands and Spain. The first part of the promotional tour of DOP concluded with about 25 gigs before summer, headlining most of them through all Spain, Thrash Attack 1 (Madrid), Thrashcelona (Barcelona)…, and opening for other great bands in others, just to mention the apotheosic night with the German thrash masters Destruction in Durango.

After a break they are in the second assault of the DOP tour, having already played in Albacete, Thrash Attack 2 (Seville) and some other cities. There are some gigs to confirm yet, but they’re playing some very interesting gigs opening for the Swedish metal bros Nightrage through Spain, and some festivals here and there, one in France, another one in HMH 5 in Valencia…

We are waiting for the day they jump to Europe and kick some asses out there. Soon…. THRASH TILL DEATH!!


Ziztu BizianDemo1999


1. Intro
2. Ordua Da
3. Braulio
4. Amak Dio
5. Tartalo
6. Mundua Badoa
7. Itxaropen Galdua
8. Zuzenean Infernura
9. Putrearen Balsa
10. Bizia

Istorio Triste BatAlbum2001


1. Alaitz Infernuan
2. Heriotz Antzerkia
3. Braulio
4. Hizkuntza
5. Ikus Gabea
6. Maitasunaren Indarra
7. Iñor Jauna
8. M.I.O.
9. Bidegurutzean
10. Paranoia
11. Nebaren Galdera



1. Hate
2. Legen Beltza
3. Insanity
4. Black Star
5. Dying
6. Nuclear Winter
7. Klaustrophobia
8. Eternal Life
9. Alaitz
10. Only Human
11. Awaits You

Total InsanityCompilation2005


1. Hate
2. Legen Beltza
3. Insanity
4. Dying
5. Nuclear Winter
6. Klaustrophobia
7. Eternal Life
8. Alaitz
9. Awaits You
10. Alaitz Infernuan
11. Heriotz Antzerkia
12. Hitzkuntza
13. Ikus Gabea
14. Maitasunaren Indarra
15. Iñor Jauna
16. M.I.O.
17. Bidigurutzean
18. Paranoia

Bonus Dvd
1. Black Star (Videoclip)
2. Braulio (Videoclip)
3. Interview
4. Live Insanite Show

Dimension Of PainAlbum2006


1. Cannibalistic Revolution
2. Meet Me In The Dark
3. Fucking Dawn Of The Dead
4. When The Moon Falls
5. Dimension Of Pain
6. Calling The Black Storm
7. Satanic Neighborhood
8. Ilunpean Dituzu
9. War Of Wars 1
10. War Of Wars 2 (Hope Without Hope)

Fucking Dawn Of The DeadSingle2008


1. Fucking Dawn Of The Dead

Need To SufferAlbum2010


1. Vaporized
2. Deathpidemic
3. Midnight Meat Train
4. Adan’s Children
5. Suicide
6. Church Burning
7. Death Control
8. Global Dictatorship
9. Mutant From The Red Hill
10. Amaierarik Ez Da

Resto Discografía

Spain Kills Vol.05: Thrash MetalSplit2008


1. Aggression - New Born War
2. Legen Beltza - Fucking Dawn Of The Dead
3. Terroristars - Made In Hellspain
4. Arterial Presure - Cage Of Insanity
5. Körgull The Exterminator - Los Cavallers Ronyosos
6. Perseidan - Nemesis
7. Evil Code - La Muerte No Pasa De Moda
8. Altar Of Sin - The Art Of Violence
9. Pathfinder - Nuclear Winter
10. Crysys - Dead By The Fistful Of Violence
11. Hathor - Psychotic Day
12. Toxia - My Side
13. Infektor - Nada Que Perder
14. Katalepsya - Sin Perdon
15. Asfixia - Speed Of Noise
16. Omission - Blood And Steel
17. Rancor - Moonlight Nightmare
18. Fatal Injury - Don't Do Anything For Me
19. Tanatossis - Addicted To Violence

Metal Para Los PelaosSplit2014


1. Agoraphobia - Franja De Gaza
2. Bloody Brotherhood - Underworld
3. Bullets Of Misery - Zerua Ez Da Zuretzat
4. Dama - Erreinuaren Errege
5. Drakken - One Wish
6. Drop! - Stand Up And Fight
7. Elbereth - Desioen Kartzela
8. Eveth - Sacrificio
9. Evil Impulse - Chaotic Anxiety
10. Extincion - Show Your Bullets
11. Hibakusha - Itzalak
12. Hil Baino Lehen - Animalien Indarrez
13. Hilotz - Hil Eta Gero
14. Hopelessness - Diary Of Laments
15. Human - Escape
16. Izu Nauk - Denbora
17. Legen Beltza - Global Dictatorship
18. Noxbleed - Epidemic Doctrine
19. Red Veil - Dónde Está
20. Taupada - Amets Krudelak
21. Yaw - Mereziko Du




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