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Bilbo,Heavy Metal (Activa) 

Formación Actual
Jevo: Guitarras & Bajo & Voz & Sintetizadores


Soulitude began in 2004 when Jevo decided to go a step further and write some music as a side project, including other musical elements as synths and screaming vocals. This project was born as a one-man band with guest musicians. Previouslly he had recorded a couple of instrumental demos tracked at home. And in 2006 ‘The Crawlian Conspiracy’ was released online. After being into some labels with his all-life band VALHALLA, this time he decided to release the album this way. No profesional promotion was done but reviews were great, from 8/10 to 10/10. Singers were friends of other local bands and Jevo himself.

In 2007 it was realesed a single track called ‘Athletic XXI’, the song was dedicated to his football team and was compiled in a CD by Athletic Club De Bilbao, named ‘Athletic-en kantak’. Many thousand copies were distributed and the song was a success. It was played in many sport radiostations and TVs. VALHALLA was in a very lazy moment and no albums or new songs were composed, so Jevo decided to create another project under the name of EL RENO RENARDO. This music was more classic metal and with stupid and funny lyrics sung by Jevo. It was completely anonym and the success was bigger than he had ever expected. It was an Internet phenomenom.

In 2008 another SOULITUDE long-play album was released ‘Destroy All Humans’, again online and doing selfpromotion on internet. Reviews were awesome but sadly (or not) promotion was eclipsed by the second album of EL RENO RENARDO.(Over 2 million visits in Youtube, more than 150.000 downloads, interviews, live proposals, money, fame, girls – well, not so much-.)

In 2010 'Wonderfool World' was released. It is probably one of the best works Jevo did. 11 kicking-ass tracks of old school powermetal.


The Crawlian SupremacyAlbum2006


1. Planet Thralldoom (Intro) (Instrumental)
2. Enslaved
3. Menace Of The Universe
4. Dunes Of Mub'Arass
5. Solar Ghosts (Instrumental)
6. Trip To Helgnord
7. Viking Pride
8. The Oracle
9. Dawn Of War
10. March Of The Crawlians
11. Time For Deliverance
12. New Age
13. Fast As A Shark (Accept Cover)

2008SingleAthletic XXI


1. Athletic XXI

Destroy All HumansAlbum2008


1. Ad Astra (Instrumental)
2. Alien Messiah
3. The Wormhole
4. Turn Me Off
5. Destroy All Humans
6. Earthanasia
7. Gospel Of Judas
8. The Cube
9. Clones Of Mediocrity
10. New World Order (Instrumental)
11. 10,000 Years Ago
12. Born In America
13. Lion's Pride

Wonderfool WorldAlbum2010


1. Intro The Void (Instrumental)
2. Price Of War
3. The Man Behind The Wall
4. Back To Life
5. In Solitude
6. Lost In The Ice
7. The Savior
8. Coming Home (Instrumental)
9. Retarded Nation
10. Gernika 1937 (Instrumental)
11. Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie Cover)

Requiem For A Dead PlanetAlbum2012


1. We Are Not Alone
2. Rise Of The Dead Men
3. Obey Your Master
4. The Ghost And The Darkness
5. The Road
6. Lost In The Grandeur Of Time
7. Requiem (The Game Is Over) (Instrumental)
8. Lair Of God
9. Hall Of Madness
10. She
11. Return To Port Royal (Instrumental)
12. Gospel Of Judas (Remixed)
13. The Man Behing The Wall (Remixed)

The Last WarningAlbum2016


1. Welcome
2. Toxic Man
3. We Rise
4. Time And Again
5. The Last Warning
6. Nowhere To Hide
7. Unholy War
8. Tears In The Ocean
9. Countdown To The End Of The World
10. Pompeii



1. Arrival
2. Black Knight
3. Fire
4. Hold Your Head Up
5. Cloud Of Oort
6. The Chosen One
7. Nothing Is Gained And Nothing Is Lost
8. The Trench
9. Nexus 7
10. Power And Glory
11. Zu Barik


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