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Surt Ur

Bizkaia,Black Metal (Activa) 

Formación Actual
Sagasth: Todos Los Instrumentos & Voces
Eöl: Sintentizadores & Voces
Nekromorbidus: Voz


Born form the ashes of a previous effort in Bilbao's Black Metal, Surt Ur arose like the poisonous and hatred snake... We are three heads who developed slowly some ideas Sagasth had, about how it could sound a mid 90's Viking Black Metal band created here, in Basque Country. With some riffs and lyrics we started slowly composing some tunes. At first time we were only two personalities behind: Sagasth Lord Draugr (Above mentioned) & Nekromorbidus; after a while, when we had 2-3 themes, we needed help in keys, moods and lyrics, so we called Eöl from the mighty and veteran act Elffor/Aura Negativ (And famous too by playing in other bands like Suffering Down, Numen, Frostfog...), to complete the Line-up. What we have to present time is what we've composed and depured throw 2-3 years, so we hope you will like it. Enjoy the wine of the Old's Tongue...




1. Intro
2. Jotunheimr
3. Nidhöggr
4. Tower Of Niflheim
5. Wolfpath
6. Rituals




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