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Gasteiz,Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore (Activa) 

Formación Actual
Iker: Guitarra
Iñi: Voz
Alvaro: Guitarra
Mikel G: Batería
Julen: Bajo
Componentes Anteriores
Iban: Bajo
Biris : Bajo
Mikel: Batería
Kobra: Guitarra


Formed in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 2008, this young band performs a powerful Metal whose influences range is very wide, which leads them to achieve their own sound.

In the year 2009 they presented their first work, an EP entitled as “A Place Between Hell and Heaven”, and in 2011 their released what would become their first LP, titled “Life Show”. Both works are sold out nowadays.

Their third album was released in October 2013 and was named “A Fairy Tale for the Dissent”, with clear intentions to certify their unstoppable rise within the scene. Nearly 8.000 copies of this work were distributed around the country. Once again they received very good reviews and it gave them the opportunity to share the stage with bands such as HATEBREED, ATREYU, CRUCIFIED BARBARA, HAMLET… and participate in the Resurrection Fest 2014 (MEGADETH, DOWN, NOFX, etc…). Their hit single “Silence as a medicine” reached top positions in national metal charts and webzines. They were the first band of the State to participate in the prestigious Kristonfest alongside with the French titans GOJIRA and THE OCEAN, and they were headliners in such respected festivals as Live For Madness and Dimetalfest… among others. Due to their explosive live performance, Soziedad Alkoholika have selected them numerous times to tour all over the country, as their main support act. They are currently touring with great success with his acclaimed latest work, “MATHERIA”.

“MATHERIA” was produced, mixed and mastered at Cynik Studios by Iker Bengoa. The drums were recorded in Your Sound Recording Studios and was published nationwide by MALDITO RECORDS. The success of the album has been crushing, being selected in numerous best albums charts of 2015 by the specialized press, and culminating with the nomination in 5 categories (including best album, best live and best band) in the “PREMIOS DE LA MÚSICA INDEPENDIENTE” 2016 national awards.

Formados en Vitoria-Gasteiz en 2008, este joven quinteto practica un potente Metal cuyas influencias abarcan desde los primeros Metallica hasta Lamb of God. Sonoridades densas y potentes se combinan con secciones de rabia y rapidez herederas del hardcore melódico de los 90.

En el año 2009 presentaron su primer trabajo, el EP “A Place Between Hell and Heaven”, para en el 2011 publicar lo que sería su primer LP titulado “Life Show”, ambos trabajos agotados en la actualidad.

En octubre de 2013 se lanzó su tercer trabajo, “A Fairy Tale for the Dissent”, con claras intenciones de certificar su imparable ascenso dentro de la escena. Una vez más cosecharon muy buenas críticas y les brindó la posibilidad de compartir escenario con bandas como HATEBREED, ATREYU, CRUCIFIED BARBARA, HAMLET… y participar en el Resurrection Fest 2014 (MEGADETH, GOJIRA, NOFX, etc…). Han sido la primera banda del estado en participar en un festival con el prestigio del Kristonfest, y han sido cabezas de cartel de festivales tan contrastados como el Live For Madness, Dimetalfest… entre otros. Debido a su contrastado e impresionante directo, Soziedad Alkoholika los han elegido en numerosas ocasiones para girar por todo el país. Actualmente están girando con gran éxito con su aclamadísimo último trabajo, “MATHERIA”.

“MATHERIA” ha sido producido, mezclado y masterizado en los Cynik Studios por Iker Bengoa. Las baterías fueron grabadas en Your Sound Recording Studios y ha sido publicado a nivel nacional por MALDITO RECORDS. El éxito del disco ha sido rotundo, siendo nominado en numerosos Tops de mejores discos del año por la prensa especializada, y culminando con la nominación en 5 categorías (incluyendo mejor disco, mejor directo y mejor banda) en los Premios de la Música Independiente a nivel nacional.


A Place Between Hell & HeavenE.P.2009


1. Sacrifice
2. Fueled By Hate
3. Newborn Hatred
4. Neverland

Life ShowAlbum20011


1. Cursed
2. There Will Be
3. No One Left To Blame
4. Portrait Of Submission
5. Misery
6. The End Of Days
7. Life Show
8. Sinner
9. The End Of Illusion

A Fairy Tale For The DissentAlbum2013


1. A Wave To The Expendable
2. Kingslayer
3. The Enemy
4. In Defiance Of
5. The Denial
6. Silence As A Medicine
7. Confined
8. The Wolf
9. Interlude I
10. Deception
11. Interlude II
12. Embajadores De Hipocresia
13. Awakening



1. Matheria Act.I
2. Creation Of The Sun
3. Blinded By Rage
4. Rebel
5. Live In Winter
6. The Farewell Parade
7. Rise
8. Requiem
9. Renaissance
10. Matheria Act.II

The Silver GhostAlbum2019


1. Wake The Ghost
2. Saviors Of The Earth
3. The Valley Of Hope
4. Saturnia
5. The Silver Walker
6. Interstellar
7. Eon
8. Ten Thousand Moons
9. Omega

Resto Discografía

El Bunker Del Metal - Infernus Compilado 2017Split2017


1. Aleatoria - Pánico
2. Abandon Light - Recnak
3. Yo Moreno - A Lot Of Pot
4. Mjolnir - El Vigía Del Fin Del Mundo
5. Childrain - Requiem
6. Backbone - Betrayal Consequences
7. Axfixia - En El Frente
8. Astral Katastrophe - Shrine Of Titans
9. Devasted - Maniático Thrasher
10. Blasfemia - El Hechizo Del Espejo A Roto Este Pacto Etéreo
11. Rip - Contra La Pared
12. Crossbones - That Kind Of Feeling
13. Ansiedad - Resplandecer
14. Cristo - Atreverse
15. Estigma - Vil Ser Humano
16. MortiriuM - Metal
17. Acidiun - Urges
18. HellHeart - Kings Cup Raw
19. Tethys - Ethereal Cypher
20. Caligo - Legión
21. Alkanza - Em-coma
22. Ripper - Holocaust
23. Taipan - White Fog Of Bhopal
24. Azgorath - Seven Crows
25. Orión - Mentira
26. Corpen - Irreversible
27. ReactoR - Calling To War
28. Delirium X Tremens - The Dead Of Stone
29. Blindeath - Valley Of Oblivion
30. Tinieblas - Venezuela Rebelión
31. Muerte Tóxica - Resistencia
32. Dagas - Nombres Malditos
33. Egaheitor - Evidencia Del Mal
34. Élite Reptil - Orgías Marcianas

Metal Devastation Compilation Vol 2Split2019


1. Arctos - A Realm Beyond
2. Aeons Abyss - Tried By Ordeal
3. Ancalagon - Glaurung The Golden Basilisk
4. Anguere - Olho Gordo
5. Ashen Horde - Retaliation/Regret
6. Acherontia Styx - As Above, So Below
7. Axemaster - 10,000 Pound Hammer
8. Backbone - Crushing The Silence
9. Beltane - Evoking Wraiths Of Fire & Steel
10. Beyond The Existence - Memoria
11. Black Income - Loaded Gun
12. Black River Bloodbath - Freight Train
13. BlackSun - Pirates Of The Sun
14. Body Harvest - Apocalyptic Abomination
15. Boiling Blood - Emerged From Blood
16. Burn Down Eden - Dystopic Endzeit Panorama
17. Carcinogen Daily - So I Can Breathe
18. Central Disorder - Gravewalker
19. Consecration - To Welcome The Grey
20. Childrain - Ten Thousand Moons
21. Dark Years From Now - Shot Caller
22. Death Note Silence - The Follower
23. Devil In The Mist - Secret
24. DevilSpeak - Internal Shrapnel
25. Diehearted - Salt The Wound
26. Dust Prophet - Shadow Army
27. Endless Void - Doom Metal Super Star
28. Fear The Sky - Tool
29. Formicatius - Early Will I Seek Thee
30. Final Coil - The Last Battle
31. Forged In Black - Descent Of The Serpent
32. Gevaudan - Maelstrom
33. Haiduk - Subverse
34. Hermit's Maze - State Of Mind
35. Horror Chamber - The Edge Of Existence
36. In Thousand Lakes - Into The Mirror
37. Jason Aaron Wood - Enchanter, Destroyer
38. Johannes Maria Knoll - Thirty Pieces Of Silver
39. JWL - Rightmare
40. Kalmo - Piru
41. Kenny McCormick - Mantra
42. Ketos - Temptations
43. Kill Frenzy - Aggravated Assault
44. Killerweil - Kalasag
45. Lelahell - Adam The First
46. Maniac Abductor - Evil Brotherhood
47. Maxdmyz - All To Hell
48. Memories Of A Dead Man - Melancholia
49. N.A.S.P. (Not A Side Project) - Wraiths
50. Nervcast - Two Weeks
51. No Raza - Evils-Seed
52. Omega Diatribe - Divine Of Nature
53. Oracle - All Must End
54. PlagueWeaver - Condemned To Worship
55. Prophets Of Yahweh - The Mighty March
56. Rebel Riot - Lucifer
57. Redwolves - Rigid Generation
58. Reign Of Vengeance - The Master's Summons
59. Oenos - Vladika
60. Sathamel - Horror Vacui
61. Saturnine - Sickening Horrid Life
62. Sercati - Cathartic Bomb
63. Sleeping In Traffic - Narcicystic Pustule
64. Solar Eruption - Darkness Comes Home
65. Sorrowseed - Scourge Of The Hierophant
66. Solitary - Trigger Point Atrocity
67. Spreading The Disease - The Anger Inside
68. Strigampire - Of Your Fears, Fucking Weak
69. Sun Descends Black - Desolate Earth
70. Svet Kant - The Cogs Of Envy
71. Tales Of The Tomb - Dyatlov Pass Incident
72. Thus Defiled - Of Shadow And Storm
73. The End A.D. - Why Won't You Die
74. The Drowning - The Radiant Dark
75. The Flesh Hammers - Shit For Free
76. The Colony - Soul Saviour
77. The Nightstalker - The Plain Of The Warriors
78. Tribulance - Oblivious
79. Under Siege - Time For Revenge
80. Vaelmyst - Disparaging Whispers Of Wistful Flesh
81. When The World Burns - The Blood Owl
82. Wraith Rite - Slaves Of The Ringmaster


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