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Funeral Sun

Bilbo,Doom Metal/Rock (Activa) 

Formación Actual
Javier Gálvez: Guitarra & Voz
M. González: Bajo
S. García: Batería
Componentes Anteriores
Xanpe: Batería


Best things come without a plan and that’s what happened with Funeral Sun. After the Horn Of The Rhino break up, guitarist and vocalist Javier Gálvez wasted no time in putting together a bunch of songs with the intention of recording them in the future with drummer and producer, and long time collaborator, Xanpe. The beast remained silent until bassist M. González entered the picture and, established as a skull crushing power trio, they recorded their debut EP The Dragging, to be released as a 12” vinyl in June 2018 through Godbox records. Now, with new drummer S. García on board, the band is writing a monolithic full length and getting ready to take its destructive Doom to the masses.


The DraggingE.P.2017


1. Let Them Bleed
2. The Dragging




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