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Bilbo,Death Metal (Activa) 

Formación Actual
M. Akerburu: Bajo
Jon: Guitarra
Adolfo WB: Guitarra
J.: Voz
Rober: Batería
Componentes Anteriores
Endika: Bajo
Asier Amo: Batería
Fiti: Voz


HEX, the Death metal purveyors featuring former and current members of well-known Basque bands such as Vhäldemar, Ferosz, Quaoar, Incursed, Virulency, In Thousand Lakes or Waldheim, reveal their new line-up.
After releasing their first conceptual full-length named ‘Deadly Sins’ (2014), the antitheistic Death metal fanatics are currently working on their sophomore album, paying tribute to legendary and ancient European Death metal acts like Bolt Thrower or Gorefest.


Deadly SinAlbum2014Descarga


1. Pride
2. Greed
3. Gluttony
4. Lust
5. Sloth
6. Envy
7. Anger

Let There Be Darkness (Demo'MMXVII)Demo2017


1. Thy Kingdom Gone
2. Worshipping Falsehood
3. Anger (2017 Version)

God Has No NameAlbum2019


1. Thy Kingdom Gone
2. Soulsculptor
3. Worshipping Falsehood
4. Dævangelism – The Dark Sunset
5. Apocryphal
6. Where Gods Shall Not Reign
7. All Those Lies That Dwells…

Behold The UnlightedE.P.2022


1. As Darkness Descends Upon You
2. Impending Doom Towards Darkness
3. …And Thus Spoke Darkness

Resto Discografía

Tan Real Como El Puto Infierno Vol.19Split2018


1. 13TRL - Erik (The Arrival)
2. Aeonic - Throne Of The Feared
3. Burning Cuchillo - Días Grises
4. Cauldron - Severe Martyrdom
5. Damned Ritual - Witness Me
6. Evil Impulse - The Last Breath
7. Galiryon - The Hunt
8. Hex - Worshipping Falsehood
9. Hyban Draco - Nowhere Lights
10. Impaled Corpses - Cidade Sen Lei
11. Narwhale - Glaucus
12. Nekrocake - Sucio Humano
13. Nemesis Occulta - Crown Of Laments
14. Obliterated Swarm - Liomower
15. Oslo Ovnies - Ángel Muerto
16. Púrpura - True God
17. Scila - Black Tongue
18. Silencio A Gritos - Miedo A Romper
19. Sota Terra - Sota Terra

Necromance Digital Magazine Recopilatorio - Volumen 40Split2019


1. Extrema (Ita) - For The Loved And The Lost
2. Blindpoint (Esp) - Through The Ashes Of Life
3. Blaze The Trail (Esp) - I Am You - You Are Me
4. [In Mute] (Esp) - Unhallowed Divination
5. JX Arket (Ita) - Mountains
6. Wall Of Palemhor (Ita) - Worms Inside
7. John Malkovitch! (Ita) - XX Kübler Ross
8. The Big Jazz Duo (Ita) - Sacrifice To Cinder
9. Bagira (Rus) - Shadow
10. Totengott (Esp) - Ceremony II, The Way Of Sin
11. Hex (Esp) - All those Lies That Dwells...
12. Arson Tides (Esp) - Helpless
13. Alerta (Esp) - Responsables



Lyric Videos



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