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Horn Of The Rhino

Bilbo,Sludge/Doom/Thrash Metal (Disuelta) 

Formación Actual
Sergio Robles: Bajo
Julen Gil: Batería
Javier Gálvez: Guitarras & Voz


(Antes Rhino)
Bilbao sonic terrorists crushing heads since 2004. Four albums under their belts (Breed The Chosen One 2007, Dead Throne Monarch 2008, Weight Of Coronation 2010, Grengus 2012) and lots of tours and festivals. Now, in 2014, new album SUMMONING DELIVERANCE will be released by summer through Doomentia records.


Weight Of CoronationAlbum2010


1. Speaking In Tongues
2. Mass Burial Punishment
3. Sovereign
4. Throats In Blood
5. Weight Of Coronation
6. Southern Beast
7. Brimstone Breath
8. Crushed And Dragged To The Swamp



1. Under The Hoof
2. Pile Of Severed Heads
3. Grengus
4. Drowned In Gold
5. Waste For Ghouls
6. Awaken Horror Of Tuul
7. Brought Back
8. To Ride The Leviathan

Subterráneo Heavy Vol. IISplit2012


1. Leithian - Matar O Morir
2. Suru - We Are The Fallen
3. Sombras Del Destino - A Través Del Espejo
4. El Gran Bonobo - Hazme Saber
5. Guadaña - Secreto Confesional
6. Sons Of Meteora - Face To The Ground
7. Blast Open - Blinded
8. Overdown - Rain
9. Mortem Tirana - Tyranny Begins
10. Exhumed Day - Catalepsy
11. As My World Burns - Like Scavenger Birds Playing Poker
12. Corpore - Corpore Insepulto
13. Horn Of The Rhino - Under The Hoof
14. Dark Code - Against The Wall
15. Hexen (Usa) - Walk As Many, Stand As One
16. Sin Piedad (Arg) - Agoniza
17. Kehlvin (Sui) - This Is Mere Noise
18. American Dog (Usa) - Devil Dog
19. Arkanos (Bol) - Odisea Del Dragon Sir Francis
20. Yellowtooth (Usa) - Prophetic Ramblings
21. Helioss (Fra) - From The Buddah To The Cross
22. Favna Abisal (Chi) - El Observador
23. Simbiose (Por) - Total Descontrolo
24. Timeless (Chi) - Condenado
25. Sadistik Forest (Fin) - Code For Liberation
26. Controsigillo (Ita) - Infected Oxygene
27. Frater (Arg) - Swansong
28. Opvs Leviathan (Col) - Submerge's In The Waters Of Kaos

Breed The Chosen OneAlbum2013


1. Name The Horn Bearer
2. Standing Ram
3. Loaded With Thunder
4. Descenso
5. Chosen
6. Temple
7. Scorn
8. Exposed To The Rotten Sun
9. Goat Behind The Gates

Summoning DeliveranceAlbum2014


1. Awaiting The Scourge
2. Exvenhstench
3. Onward Through Domination
4. High Priest
5. Their Tombs
6. Deliverance Prayer
7. Drogg Öm Thraal
8. Grim Foreigners
9. Builder Of Carrion Effigies
10. An Excess Of Faith



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Una Respuesta a Horn Of The Rhino

  1. gjesus dice:

    Convendría especificar que Breed The Chosen One no es en realidad un álbum de Horn of the Rhino, sino de Rhino, reeditado por Doomentia, pero como Horn of The Rhino

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