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In Loving Memory

Bilbo,Melodic Doom/Death Metal (Activa) 

Formación Actual
Alberto D.: Teclados
Jorge A.: Guitarras Rítmicas
Juanma B.: Voz & Guitarras Principales
Txerra G.: Bajo
Componentes Anteriores
Alvaro V.: Batería
Igor: Batería
Raúl: Bajo
Mauricio: Batería
Aitor: Batería


In Loving Memory was incorporated ilm2014_01in August 2005 by four musicians of two extreme metal bands as were Forensick (Juanma, guitar & Raúl, bass) and Lost Emotions (Aitor, drums & Jorge, guitar).

Few months later, the band started gigging with a female soprano vocalist, and in November 2006 led the band to record a 5 melodic & melancholic gothic-doom metal songs demo-cd, which earned them the favor of the audience.

Ending 2007, after returning to the original 4-member line-up, Juanma grabbed the duty of vocals, leading the band to a more purist and classic doom metal ways, as well as opening ILM to death metal frontiers, erasing the past gothic influences.

In September 2008 the first self-released full-length album, “Tragedy & Moon”, saw the light of day. This album contained eight songs of a melodic and powerful doom/death metal that was very good approved by the professional press and reviewers and also by the listening.

Ending 2010 a lot of changes were made in the line-up while recording the second album, titled “Negation Of Life”, at the famous The Rockstudios, so the drummer Aitor is out of the band and Alberto, as keyboard player, and Mauricio (Meltdown and Art Of Butchery) as drummer, come into.

During 2010, ILM signs a contract to Russian Solitude Productions to release “Negation Of Life” by the fall of the year via their sub-label Bad Moon Man Music. In that time, Mauricio is out of the band and a long time friend comes in for guiding the drum workshop. His name is Igor P. and was member of Forensick band, along with Juanma & Raúl some years ago, as well as drummer of Agoyzen, Jorge’s tech death metal band, and the blackened death metal combo Butronian.

In 2014 the band signs a contract to Italian record label & management agency House of Ashes Productions. Due this contract the new EP titled “Redemption” is released that year. Now, a new frontier opens and In Loving Memory will be on the edge of creativity.

In 2015 Raúl & Igor left the band due their jobs, so the band is currently looking for replacement while the new album is being recorded.


In Loving MemoryDemo2006


1. November Cries
2. Breathless Solitude
3. Tale In The Mist
4. As In Pain As In Shadows
5. Her Dying Passion

Tragedy & DoomAlbum2008


1. Anger Within
2. Intra Nebulam
3. Terrae Filius
4. Extremus Illae Spiritus
5. Lux Alba
6. Tear Slave
7. Soil In Blood
8. Tragedy & Moon

Negation Of LifeAlbum2011


1. Even A God Can Die
2. Skilled Nihilism
3. Adversus Pugna Tenebras
4. Negation Of Life
5. November Cries
6. Shimmering Divinity
7. Through A Raindrop
8. Celestial
9. Nulla Religio, Solum Veritas



1. No Words Needed
2. A Path To Deliverance
3. Intra Nebulam MMXIII
4. Absence Of Truth

The WitheringAlbum2022


1. Stellar Runaway
2. Lead Clouds
3. The Dance Of Moons
4. Dawn Of Misery
5. Fractured
6. Translucid Remains
7. Sun Of Ebony
8. Nothing But Pain
9. The Reversal
10. Martyrdom Of Light



Lyric Videos


Facebook (Fanpage)https://www.facebook.com/inlovingmemory.es

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