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The Wizards

Bilbo,Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Stoner (Activa) 

Formación Actual
Ina Mason: Voz
Fel Belushi: Guitarra
Jorge Sulfator: Guitarra
Eneko Chivo: Bajo
Dave Napalm: Batería


THE WIZARDS is your new favorite 70´s Hard Rock and Occult Rock band, but you still don´t know!

Formed in Bilbao, Basque Country, back in 2013 these five outcasts decided to form a band after several intense sessions of drug abuse and hard liquor drinking marathons at backyard parties where the records from Black Sabbath, Danzing, The Cult, Blue Oyster Cult, Pentagram, Deep Purple, Dio, Horisont and Electric Wizard where played so loud neighbours would call the police sooner than expected.

In January 2014 they record and self-release their first demo “Plagues”. With only 4 songs recorded and a bunch of covers they are able to win the 26th edition of the local Pop-Rock contest Villa de Bilbao, on the “Metal” section, earning a great bunch of cash, but spending almost half of it on alcohol and illegal sustances that same day of a epic allnigther.

During 2015 they release their selft tittled debut LP. Recoded in Silver Sound Studio by Martin Guevara and mixed and mastered by local Punk Rock hero Mikel Biffs (Safety Pins, The Plasure Fuckers) at GBBG Estudio II the album is released through the band´s own label Witch Records in collaboration with French label Geea Music. With all the 300 vinyl copies and 1000 cd copies got sold out on the following months the band decides to re-release another 500 cd copies, which get sold fast.

The band starts playing live and even tours in France together with their friends from Brain Pyramid. In Basque Country and Spain the band gets to open for legendary bands and artists such as The Dictators, Iggy Pop or Turbonegro and shares stages with Peter Pan Speed Rock, Horisont, Hypnos and so on. They are even invited to participate in festivals such as Madrid Stoner Scene Fest, Kriston Fest or Faan Fest.

During April 2016 the band enters Gaua Studio together with Brooklyn based produced Dean Rispler, current bass player for The Dictators and ex-bass player for NYC hardcore veterans Murphy´s Law and The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. During two weeks they record 8 songs that form their upcoming second album “Fullmoon in Scorpio”, engineered by Asier Zubelbu and mixed and mastered by Jesse Cannon (The Cure, The Misfits, Dillinger Escape Plan) at Cannon Found Soundation in Union City, New Jersey.

The result is a blast, a master piece full of undeniable power, edge crushing guitar riffs and solos, tight and fierce rhythm section and outstanding lead vocals by frontman Ian Mason, a true force of nature. The album even includes a song called ¨Leaving the past behind” where guitar god Ross The Boss (from Manowar fame) plays a guest solo and Barcelona based designer Pol Abran from Branca Studio (Pentagram, High on Fire, Kvelertak, The Black Dahlia Murder, Fu Manchu, Baroness) has taken care of the atwork for the record too, making the visuals of this album as good as its ground breaking sound.

Not bad for an up coming band from northern Spain right?

These 8 songs are blessed with the thunder and they are the band´s sincere tribute to the almighty and the occult. As they confess, “Fullmoon in Scorpio” is a magical artifact, to be handle with care and to be played at maximum volume for its full effect. Just open your ears and prepare to be destroyed, crushed and conquered by the most savage rock and roll album you have listened in the last years.




1. Plagues
2. It's A Secret, Bitch
3. Thick Green Tedium
4. Misty Day

The WizardsAlbum2015


1. Gravepisser
2. Cimmerian Lard
3. Deal With A Witch
4. Misty Day
5. Welcome To The Future
6. Conjure
7. Saviours
8. Serpent Mind Blowin'
9. Curse Of Hecate
10. 1692 Hammer Of The Witches (Outro)

Full Moon In ScorpioAlbum2017


1. Avidya
2. Calliope (Cosmic Revelations)
3. Odinist
4. Stardust
5. Leaving The Past Behind
6. Halftones To Eternity
7. Who Are You, Mr. Gurdjieff?
8. When We Were Gods

A Tribute To DanzigE.P.2017


1. Soul On Fire
2. Tired Of Being Alive

Rise Of The SerpentAlbum2018


1. Apocalyptic Weapons
2. Destiny
3. Circle Of Time
4. Distorted Mirrors
5. Age Of Man
6. Strings Synchronise
7. Aftermath
8. VOID (Visions Of Inner Death)

The Exit GardenAlbum2024


1. The Exit Garden
2. Full Moon In Scorpio
3. Oniros
4. Holy Mountain Mind
5. Equinox Of Fire
6. Questions
7. Crawling Knights
8. Dawn Of Another Life

Resto Discografía

Underground Compilation Vol IIISplit2015


1. Underground Noise Main Title
2. The Wizards - Gravepisser
3. Memest - Hills And Abysses
4. Wis(h)key - Danse Macabre
5. Anestesia - Inoiz
6. Melmak - Abyss
7. Sitrama - Orgasmo Andaluz
8. Ganesha - KIisses From An Alligator
9. Horizon - The Last Man
10. Desalojo - Huye El Miedo
11. Niña Coyote Eta Chico Tornado - Haizea Eza
12. Júpiter TV - Lion In A Cage
13. El Altar Del Holocausto - Eis Wui Sine Pecatto
14. Buensuceso - Waiting For Deliverar
15. Misty Grey - A Touch Of Evil
16. Tercer Sol - Melange
17. Maverick - Break It Up
18. Hell's Fire - Hellbillie Booze Brigade
19. Artefacto Impio - Brebaje Beligerante
20. Bacteria Forte - Útero
21. Brothers Till We Die - Lionheart (Feat. Robbert From Wasted Bullet)
22. Strikeback - Revolution
23. Camino A La Perdición - La Llama Se Enciende
24. Ferosz - Lost Faith
25. Subliminal Chaos - Lords Of The Night
26. Sönambula - Hilen Argia
27. Cavum - The Coward
28. Trallery - Catalepsy
29. Bleeder - Extraños Y Locos
30. Virium - The Cold And Distant Voice Of A Shattered Soul
31. Dunkelstorm - I Swear Revenge
32. Cruz - Revelación
33. Bullets Of Misery - Egun Iluna
34. Hammer Pantheon - Tornado Of Bats
35. Nemaind - Eclipsi
36. Helevorn - Burden Me
37. Katabatika - Blackened Smile
38. Wargaz - An Ocean Full Of Stars
39. Lead Coffin - Enemigos De Dios Y De España
40. Petra - Sumendi Nagia
41. Insight After Doomsday - SPG
42. Dolmenn - Grimm Reaper
43. Acid Mess - Freddom Woman
44. Angoixa - Un Mon Podrit
45. A Tomba Oberta - El Botxí
46. Burnt Forest - Armed Strugle
47. Exxilio - Días De Furia
48. The Fuzzy Doors - Between The Eye
49. Atavismo - Kraken
50. Poder De Cambiar - Poder De Cambiar
51. Cathequesis - Kim Jong
52. Hedphelym - Scutum
53. Bloody Brotherhood - Internal Suffering
54. Cultist - Awaking The Forgotten Gods
55. Shock After Collapse - Virus
56. Red Elm - Unikorn
57. Extinction - Amaigabeko Iluntasuna
58. Cannibal Ferox - Fémur
59. Asphyxion - Victims
60. Wis(h)key - Danse Macabre
61. Soma13 - Black River
62. Dormanth - Darkness Time
63. Khaos Of Death - Zombie Apocalipse
64. VoidKush - Through The Shadows I Come
65. Knives - Blackest Noose
66. Tort - Horrible Procession

Hardcore Hits Cancer Vol. IVSplit2018


1. Meltdown - One Step Closer
2. The Wax - My Own Summer
3. Trono De Sangre - Soldado Das Miñas Verbas
4. Acherontia - Scrape
5. The Wizards - Soul On Fire
6. King Of Nothing - I Don't Wanna Be Me
7. Bad Mongos - Big Take Over
8. The Capaces - Bad Attitude
9. La Inquisición - Pasa El Tiempo
10. Humus - Mother Mary
11. Main Line 10 - Breaking The Habit
12. Torches - Wasted Years



Lyric Videos



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